In the grounds of Om Beach Resort, Gokarna.

I think this is a kingfisher. S/he was too far away to see clearly with the naked eye. This was at full 10x zoom.

Hugely delighted with this shot. Again, full zoom, from an armchair in my villa's porch.

From the hill between Om Beach and Kudlai Beach.

This dude was surfing the thermals coming up the hill. Missed the shot when he was overhead, and got lucky as he spiralled back. As far as I know, this is a fishing eagle. Brown body, white head.

Same dude(tte?) making a turn.

Freakishly lucky shot. Must have been about 10, 15 metres away, in a clear blue sky. I (don't tell anyone now) did the yeeha-fist-pump thing when I saw this on the camera display.

From Estuary View, Karwar.

Looked up, saw this guy overhead, swung camera to eye with smooth, swift motion, almost took eye out, clicked.

Three in the bush, erm, tree. Naah. Doesn't have a ring to it.

Close-up of the one who, in the previous shot, was sniffing his underarmswings.

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