Candles in the wind

Taken at the concert that ended the Peace Mela organised by Citizens for Peace on October 2nd, 2007. This was in the road that runs between Horniman Circle and the Asiatic Library, which had been cordoned off to make a sort of amphitheatre, with the library steps being used for seating.

Not bad, though I say so myself, considering I didn't have a tripod.


Two sunsets, several years apart.


A pretty well-known (among people who have rafted that stretch, that is) jumping rock a bit up-river from Rishikesh.

Auli stroll

Well, technically not Auli. This an Indo Tibetan Border Force cantonement town a short walk away.

Watercolours - Kihim

Wet sand. Taken lying prone, camera a few inches above the ground, just after a wave receded.

Ditto, except looking sea-wards..

..and South-wards down the coast.

From the porch of my friends' house.

Just after sunset.


(These are scans from old prints that have faded a bit. Oh well, yeah, maybe the photos weren't that great to begin with.)

Wind farm

Somewhere on the road from Munnar to Valparai.


These shots were taken around dawn (except the first one, which was at sundown), from various points around the shore of Micheal's Land, a resort belonging to the Kondo Syokai group. It's a fifteen- maybe twenty-minute-drive from Fort Cochin.

These chaps paused as they were about to pass each other and stopped to chat. P'raps they were talking about where the fish were biting. Or maybe it was about the evening's toddy-drinking plans.

So pleased with this one. Sprinted—well, okay, stumbled and huffed and panted and lumbered—along the bank to get to the spot where the fisherman would be in the ripples lit by the rising sun, found flat spot to place camera in lieu of tripod, got the shutter speed just right, and after five shots, he obligingly bent over to haul in his net just as the shutter opened. All at 10x zoom. *chortle, chortle*